Marathon Self Endurance

10 Must-have Running Accessories

Being an athlete is not easy as one has to overcome several challenges, be it withstanding the extreme weather or completing marathons in dark nights, runners should always be well equipped. 

Water Bottle 

Marathoners must keep their hydration in check as they often run in the most uncomfortable weather with humidity at its peak or even during scorching heat. Not only is the weight of water bottle very important as it must be carried for longer distance, the amount of liquid it holds is important as well as not all athletes want to stop for frequent refills.


Have you ever wondered how uncomfortable would it be if you were in between of a run and suddenly rain started to pour? The splash of water getting into the eyes of the athlete would be very discomforting. In a similar way during excessive heat, it is equally uncomfortable. Hence a marathoner must always keep a cap handy for all these situations.


The harmful effect of UV Rays is quite known to a lot of people. Nowadays several companies produce sunblock which is very necessary for the athletes as they have to bear the extreme uncomfortable climate. These sunblocks not only protect your skin from pre-mature ageing but also protects one from sunburns and skin irritations.

Mobile App

Cell phones are one of the most handy devices one can carry while training and on race day. There are several mobile apps that can be used to track time and distance and keep a count on calories burned and energy exhausted to provide runners with minute details. 


Music is the best companion for any sportsperson. It adds to the motivation and often reduces the tiredness and stress which can act as disturbance in the marathon journey. Earphones come in various price ranges, thus a person can choose the best one in their budget.

Sweat Pads

Perspiration is a natural and very common process that increases while running. Sweat pads are thus considered mostly a necessity than an accessory as it observes sweat and reduces bacteria build up that can cause skin irritation and odour.

Foam Rollers

Foam Rollers are a cylindrical piece of foam that helps in proper stretching and few basic exercises that are necessary for maintaining proper posture for runners. It is easily available in e-commerce websites. You can read more about foam rollers on here.

Reflective Vest

A reflective gear is a must-have for any long-distance runner especially during night runs. It increases your visibility to up to 1000 or more than 1000 feet according to the brand you choose, thus making you safe from any kind of accident. One feature you should observe before buying a reflective vest is that it should fit properly over any running accessory you are wearing.

Comprehensive Socks

This accessory is specially built to remove lactic acid. This is done by promoting proper blood flow while an athlete is running. Things that should be kept in mind while buying this compression socks is that they should be build of breathable fabric so that they don’t cause skin irritation or blisters.

Safety Medical Kit

Medical Kit containing band aids, ice pack and pain relief sprays are often carried by Marathoners for emergencies. Although this is more like a choice, but a lot of organization make it compulsory for athletes to carry this. Electrolyte tablets are used for replenishing lost minerals are also a part of this kit.

All these accessories are very important for any marathoner as running is a very tiresome journey and it would be harder if one doesn’t carry these supportive materials with them.

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