Marathon Self Endurance

5 Mental Health Benefits of Running

Rob Haneisen a famous runner has said that “Running is alone time that lets your brain unspool the tangles that build up over days.” A marathon has been one of the most prevalent sports that have catered to several physical as well as mental benefits to the people.

Improves working memory

The mind and the body co-ordination facilitates better working memory. A proper run also aids in good sleep which is one of the primary requirements of good mental health. While running there is a constant co-ordination as one has to remember the aerobic movements and tracks through which an athlete makes his way to reach the final spot. Moreover warm-up exercises and other minute details have to be remembered which boosts your memory functions. 

Elevates mood

As any other exercise does, running is known to elevate the mood and make you feel fresh and better. Incorporating this exercise in your daily life would not only keep you physically fit but would also make you mentally active. It has been scientifically proven according to the researchers that a person involved in physical activities like running, jogging or playing any sport is likely to have less anger, wrath or mental fatigue.

Reduces loneliness issues

There are several runner groups across the world that helps the marathon enthusiasts to take part in several events. Being involved in this sport  with a positive community would surely help to reduce loneliness issues in an individual. Loneliness is also a feeling that is derived if a person is staying unproductive or still for a particular period of time, running in this case helps to increase energy levels and productivity levels thus catering to positive wellbeing.

Reduce stress

Physical activities not only help to elevate mood and reduce loneliness. It contributes majorly to reduce stress and adding a sense of fulfillment in yourself. Famous runners like Jennifer Carpenter have said “I run every day. It’s like medicine.”

Helps to enhance sleep cycle

This exercise helps to enhance sleep cycle. It aids proper blood circulation and promotes digestion. It enhances the sleep cycle and promotes good sleep.

Running is an exercise that helps to unlock several health benefits. Even a 10-minute-run for more than a week can make you observe noticeable changes in your health. One just needs minimum time and motivation to start this sport and you can experience the wonders of it.

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