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5 Of The Best Swimrun Hand Paddles

Swimrun paddles boosts power in your stroke which equates to faster swimming. The trade off is harder work for your upper body and fatigue building up sooner. Many first-time and experienced swimrunners won’t use paddles and with all swimrun equipment its about finding a system which works for you.

The key point is to train with paddles progressively, overtraining or doing too much with paddles too soon is a sure way to pick up an injury. As an example elite swimrunner, Hugo Tormento will do most of his swims with both paddles and a pull buoy; when combined they can be a highly effective tool in your arsenal.

Here are five of the best swimrun hand paddles for you to consider:

Zone 3 Ergo

A top rated option from Zone 3. The Ergo is a no-nonsense affordable set of paddles which have been designed for user comfort. Users have reported of the Ergo being strong and not too big.

Speedo Power Paddle

A decent option which purports to promoting high elbows and good entry into the water. The power paddles have a some what futuristic look which might not be everyone’s cup of tea and are larger than most.


As the name would suggest, these have been specifically designed by swimrun athletes. A simple unfussy design seen widely at swimrun races, the Swimrunners Hand Paddles are also the most affordable of the five options.

Sailfish Classic Paddles

A classic design which comes in several sizes with the larger size better for swimrun and the increased power benefit. These are bombproof paddles which can withstand the demands of being bashed around on rocky transitions.

Ark Blade

Everything about Ark equipment oozes quality. The Ark Blade has the ambition ‘to be the best swimrun paddle in the world’, a radically different design which is lightweight and built for speed.

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