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6 Marathons That You Should Try Out At Least Once In India

India hosts a curious blend of marathons from the most scenic to the most rugged. If you are an adventure freak and staying fit gives you all-time high. You should not miss out on these sweepstakes.

Run the Rann

It is the real beast of a marathon which is as lengthy as 161 kilometers. If you are a true fan of history and want to take a trip of adventure across the white desert while running, do not give up this opportunity to run this trail for the toughest. On this marathon the challenges are humongous but the takeaways are purely excitingly. Exceedingly yes, because it starts with the Dholavira ruins of the Indus valley civilizations and continues for a whopping seventy-two hours. The shortest category in this marathon is 51 kilometers.

The devil’s circuit

It is a shorter; a 5-kilometer long run that guarantees you more than just running. This badass is certainly not for the faint-hearted at all. If you want some action than what plain running is, hit the muddiest obstacle run in India. It is going to get you dirty, bruised and super high with the adrenaline rush pumping through your entire system.

Mumbai Marathon

If you have chosen to run the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, you have certainly ticked off the most sought after trail from most of the runners’ bucket lists. This marathon is run more for the spirit of good health and happiness rather than anything else. It is one of the marathons which is in contradiction to the many other marathons mentioned on this list. Because the Mumbai marathon will promise you a highly cherishable life experience of enjoying the gift of running on the otherwise busiest Bandra Worli Sealink. Besides, there is this crazy support of the Mumbaikars which reflects in their bonhomie with the runners through sharing munchies, energy drinks, free cheerleading and moral support. So don’t miss it out for an early morning experience of running while the Mumbai skyline is waking up.

Satara Hill Marathon

It is one of the most celebrated marathons of India. For most runners, running in the Western Ghats has been a pure ecstasy of an experience. This marathon has been so popular that it had earned itself a record at the 2015 Guinness World Records, for the maximum number of people running on a mountain ever. So why wait, run for being engraved in the pages of history.

The Ladakh marathon

It is one of the most scintillating runs of the hills. It is one of the few marathons that juxtaposes beauty and aridness all at the same time. You can choose to do a shorter run to get a hang of the windy paths or straight away take the pledge to complete the Khardung la challenge of 72 long kilometers in the mountains!

The Kaveri trail

This marathon is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream run of cross-country roads, as he gets to run amidst the birds, canals, and waterfalls.

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