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Advantages of Wearing Cycling Gloves

We often go cycling and return back home with red marks on our hands. It’s like a medal embossed on the palms of our hands. While some of us are secretly proud of these medals, this can cause more harm than good. Holding the handlebar for prolonged hours in the same position leaves us with these marks on our palms. It starts with a tingle in our hand or the little finger, and eventually leaves the arm numb.

If you are a victim of this, getting the bike fit done will be a good way to start off. Leaving the handle bar (one hand at a time) every now and then can help cut off numbness and boost blood flow. Besides that, wearing a good pair of gloves can make a larger difference.

Here are a few advantages of wearing cycling gloves:-


Whether you are going for long rides or short ones, wearing cycling gloves will add more comfort to your hands. From constant pressure on your palms, gloves add an extra layer of skin on your longest ride.

Shock absorption:

This is another major advantage of wearing cycling gloves. Good quality cycling gloves come with cushioning and gel padding in the palms. This helps in absorbing shock from the road that would otherwise get transferred to the rider.


Protection from grit and gravel is another advantage of wearing cycling gloves. In times of a fall or a crash, we are likely to put our hand first on the ground. This leaves our palms with tears, shredded skin and gravel. In such cases, a good pair of cycling gloves will definitely help from wrecking your hand.

Wiping your nose:

There are times when we ride and our nose starts running.

So what do we do?

We carry a hanky to wipe it or simply use the shoulder of our jersey. However, with the modern cycling gloves, we can wipe our nose on the back of your gloves thumb. Simply take one hand of your handlebar, wipe your nose and move on.


Besides the primary and secondary advantages of wearing cycling gloves, style is an ad on. This will make you feel and look cool, always.

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