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The most common problem you will probably encounter while on your bike is the event of a flat tyre. So fixing a flat tyre is a basic skill that you will need to acquire as a cyclist.

Practice at home, both taking off your back and front wheels as well as removing and replacing an inner tube.

You should know how to replace a tyre before you hit the road.

There are certain things that you need to carry with you always:

  • A compact air pump
  • Puncture repair kit
  • A spare tube that fits your bike model

Steps to Fix a Flat Tyre:

  1. Take the wheel off the bike. Look for anything protruding from the tyre, or any other indicators showing the location of the leak.
  2. Remove the tyre from the wheel and extract the inner tube.
  3. Pump some air into the tube and listen for the hissing sound of air escaping in order to locate the hole.
  4. Use the sandpaper from your patch kit to scratch over the hole. The area you scratch should be a little bigger than the patch you’re going to use.
  5. Spread a thin layer of glue, also part of your patch kit, over the sanded area.
  6. Place the patch over the glued area and hold it together for about 30 seconds. The glue should dry almost instantly.
  7. Before replacing the tyre, inspect it carefully, extracting any rocks, thorns, glass, or other foreign objects that could cause further damage. After you’ve eyeballed the outside, run your fingers along the inside of the tyre to catch anything else that is poking through.
  8. Now look at the tyre rim for any spoke ends protruding through the rim tape. If you find a spot, affix a small patch to the area and get the rim looked at after you get home.
  9. First, put one side of the tyre back onto the rim. Pump a little air into the tube just so it isn’t completely flabby, and then insert the new tube into the tyre.
  10. After the inner tube is fully inserted, put the rest of the tyre back on the rim. Once the tyre is completely reinstalled, pump it up and ride on!

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