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Practice switching

By practicing the change from swimming to cycling, you are not only physically but also mentally prepared. Prepare how and where you will put your things and in what order you will change the things. Also think in advance, how you can use the distance in the change zone as efficiently as possible by putting certain things on and off while walking.

Check the exchange zone in advance

The switching zone can vary per match. Delving into it well is therefore wise. For example, the change zone for swimming and cycling can be in a different place than the change zone for cycling and running. Of course, it is useful if your things are in the right location. It is also wise to know where you enter the exchange zone, and where you have to leave the exchange zone.

Getting the bike ready

It is useful to put your bike completely ready for departure so that you do not have to do this during the race. You can already put your helmet with the straps loose on the saddle and you can pierce your glasses through the helmet. The easiest thing is to put your helmet on first and then do the rest. It is also useful to have your starting number startnummerband already making the bike. You can also snap your shoes open in the pedals and fasten them with elastics, but you must have practiced this well. However, this can only be done with special triathlon cycling shoes. Finally, you can already click the bottle in the holder in advance.

Taking off Wetsuit, trisuit underneath

The moment has come for you to get out of the water. It is best to start “peeling off” your wetsuit right away. Your wetsuit is the easiest to take off when it is wet. In the walk to the change zone, you can therefore already take off the first half of your wetsuit that your trisuit is under. What can also help is what bodyglide or trislide to do at the end of the arms and legs. Do not use petroleum jelly, it will affect the neoprene and adhesive joints. If you still have time left in your walk, you can also take off your swimming goggles and your hat. The most convenient thing is to hold it in one hand and leave it in the sleeve when stretching your wetsuit.

Under your wetsuit of course you can also a trisuit wear. This one is designed to dry quickly and feel comfortable on the bike and while walking. In addition, the suit is breathable and keeps your body at the right temperature during the competition. So you don’t have to change clothes in T1 or T2 and you can win a lot of time.

Don’t get distracted, but keep enjoying

In the exchange zone, it is very tempting to see what the competitor has with him. Don’t do this and get into your own routine. In advance, you have figured out which accessories and other supplies you think you need. This can be different for everyone, and it’s not bad at all. Don’t be distracted by the audience, it will also cost you time.

Last but not least, keep enjoying the sport. Before you know it, the triathlon is over and you are enjoying yourself among your friends and family who have come to encourage you.

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