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How to prevent bicycle from rusting?

Who doesn’t like to keep their bicycles in pristine condition? Just like your status depends on the kind of shoes you wear, a well-maintained bicycle is every cyclist’s pride. Rust is usually formed when metal is affected by moisture and oxygen. This moisture could be in the form of water on your bicycle or moisture in the air. 

However, with the monsoon, keeping it in its best shape is a challenge. Water, salt and other materials can cause your bicycle to rust. With this, we are left to only one question that deserves an answer, right?

How to protect your bicycle from getting rust?

Rust can cause most parts to seize up. Parts such as the bolts, derailleur and chain won’t be as smooth. If the frame begins to rust it will lose its structural strength (Rusting is highly seen on low-end bicycles made from mild steel).

Get your bicycle serviced:

Getting your bicycle services before the monsoon is a good idea to start with. A full strip-down service will ensure the bicycle is thoroughly opened, cleaned and well greased before assembling. This takes care of most spaces where water might seep in and harm the bicycle from within. For instance, the headset, bottom bracket & suspension. 

Monsoon Bicycle care tips

Install Fenders:

Fenders make life a bit easy for majority three reasons:-

1- Prevents dirt from lining up on your jersey

2. Protects help you get a better vision while riding in heavy rains

3. Mudguards are better for your ride-mates as well

Invest in good-quality mudguards that can be re-used every monsoon. Simply install them, ride your bicycle and keep them away when not required. 

Post-ride rituals:

No matter what time you ride your bicycle, make it a point to head back home and wipe your bicycle dry. It’s much easier to get the dirt and gravel sprayed on your bicycle post ride than to do it later. 

So if time doesn’t persist, cut your ride by 15 minutes or start early. Dedicate it to cleaning your bicycle dry and then head to work. 

Store your bicycle in a dry place:

Once you have cleaned and wiped your bicycle dry, store it in a cool place. If you have one. Or you can always invest in a good bicycle cover. Leaving the bicycle open outside will be an open invitation to rust. 

Tune-up your bicycle:

Keeping your bicycle well lubed and greased is a great idea to prevent the bicycle from rusting. A good lube will act as a protective barrier between the elements and the bicycle. So why not?

Start by oiling the rear and front derailleur, chain, nuts, and bolts. Just keep in mind that you need to oil anything that is exposed metal. Keep in mind also to not overdo as you will be re-lubing again as per required. 

Get express to check your bicycle regularly:

Getting your bicycle checked from an expert is the right way to ensure your bicycle and its components are in the best shape. Current,

Lubricants and Sprays:

Once you are done washing your bicycle, it’s a good practice to use a spray such as Muc-off MO 94 to get rid of moisture in places where you can reach. Many of you might be thinking about WD- 40 here. Please note it is a light lubricant and better suited for dry conditions. So using it in monsoon to prevent rusting might not be a good idea. 

Follow these steps and ensure your bicycle is in a much better state during and post-monsoon. 

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