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Invest in Your Daily Run: The Right Gear

You seldom see pros slacking away when it comes to their equipment. The most avid, passionate runners always invest in really good quality, durable running gear that has multiple advantages. With the fitness mania that has taken over the world in the last few years, new sports brands are coming up with innovative ways to make your workout regime that much more comfortable and safe.

Here’s a checklist of the running gear you must invest in.

#1) A Good Backpack

Go for a special running backpack that is water resistant, lightweight, and very roomy. A good runner’s bag is designed to accommodate your towel, running shoes, a water bottle, your smart phone, some cash, and importantly, a couple of energy bars and salt pills. If you’re into long distance runs, such a backpack can come in very handy.

#2) Good Quality Insoles

If you run more than 20 miles each week, invest in new insoles every 3 to 6 months. If you run less than that, still make sure you change your insoles every 6 to 12 months. In case you notice cracks, flattening, or tear marks on your insoles earlier than this, spend the extra buck and treat yourself to a new pair.

#3) Durable Running Shoes

Durable running shoes take the pressure off your knees, thereby reducing wear and tear of your knee joints. Running shoes are ergonomically designed to provide you the right amount of traction, agility, and support necessary for running long distances on a regular basis. The occasional jog in a pair of sneakers is just fine, but for regular running, we recommend spending some moolah on a smart pair of running shoes that support your ankles.

#4) Polarised Sunglasses and a Good Sunscreen

While you build a better physique, improve your stamina, and rev up your metabolism, it’s equally important to ensure your eyes and skin remain safe. Invest in a pair of polarised sunglasses to cut out the glare if you’re running in the direction of the sun. Also, make sure you invest in a high SPF sunscreen, and apply it generously, even when it is cloudy.

#5) Running Clothes

There is always an ideal outfit for every activity; why should running be any different. There are special more absorbent fabrics tailored for runners. A lot of research goes into designing the perfect t-shirt to ensure that your workout remains hygienic, no matter how much you sweat. Find a brand that has got the formula right, and invest in a few good running t-shirts.
The same goes for running shorts. You want to invest in a pair of shorts that is made of anti-bacterial fabric, and can comfortably hold your smartphone, keys, and cash in place while you run.

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