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Kettlebell Workout for Runners

Running is great for health; however, running is not an exercise that can be done alone. There are so many different supporting exercises that are added to the workout plan so that runners can perform better.

Most instructors do not recommend running right away, instead, they ask for a goal. After determining the goal, they recommend something that will help you meet your goal much faster and easier. Overall, it is all about the goal and the route you choose to reach that goal.

Random exercises where you can burn calories are not recommended by professionals at all. Most of the runners who burn calories but have no goal are said to be associated with a phenomenon of junk miles. Junk miles mean that you are running without a goal. There is no way to determine your progress so, all the miles that you are running will go to waste, hence the name junk miles.

Similar is the case with other exercises, especially strength training. Most people think that running is good enough, they don’t need to prep their body or add some extra exercise. All they need is some basic change in miles and they are good to go. Apart from this, you don’t need any extra investment in the clothing or equipment.

Within this article, we will explain why runners need a kettlebell workout plan in their overall running plan. Apart from this, we will discuss why running is not enough. Also, we are going to add some detail about improving your workout routine with the help of a kettlebell.

Why do you need To Add Kettlebell to your Workout plan?

Most instructors recommend the use of a kettlebell for the running workout. The main benefit is that it is attached to strength training. Your stamina, strength, and endurance are vital for running. This means that with the help of kettlebell training you will be able to improve your overall performance output and you can run faster.

Apart from this, you will be able to run for longer hours and this will increase your running economy as well. Kettlebell is a weight-based exercise so you are working on your body strength. You will see betterment in your muscle and joint strength and this will help you reduce the chance of possible injuries.

How a Runner Will Be Benefiting From Kettlebell Training?

Kettlebell is all about strength building and you can make it as complicated or as easy as you want. You can choose the workout that is good for your body and help you with your goal.

For strength-based training, most people use a barbell, dumbbells, resistance bands, friction machines, adjustments, and weight to help them with controlling their movement. This also means that you can make it more complex by holding a pose, increasing weight, or increasing the resistance. There are so many variations of the same exercises as well that you can master with each step of your progress.

As a runner, weight-based training will increase your endurance. Even if you are not aiming to become professional and you are just doing it for the sake of losing weight, you will be able to make the most out of your jogging. The best thing about jogging is that you don’t need any equipment. All you need is some comfy sportswear and you are good to go.

Running helps you burn calories, but you can expedite the calorie-burning capacity by using some changes. There are three main ways you expedite your calorie-burning capacity.

·         Increase the distance

·         Increase the time

·         Increase the speed

With the help of kettlebell training, you will be able to increase your stamina, which will eventually help you increase all three. You will be able to run faster, longer and with more speed without getting tired.

Kettlebell Workouts That You Should Try

There are so many different workouts that help with weight-based training. Some are complex and require machines whereas others are simple. Most of the simple weight workouts have been derived from a basic workout routine and amplified with the use of resistance and weight. The best thing about simple workouts is that you don’t have to learn them right from the start.

Most of the exercises are easier even for the newbies because we have experienced some version of them already. Some of the exercises that you can incorporate in your kettlebell workout have been listed below:

Squat with Kettlebell

Kettlebell squat is pretty easy if you already know what squat is. A squat is a pose where you are sitting on an imaginary chair. While performing a squat you need to keep your back straight and your shoulders aligned with your back. Hold the kettlebell near to your chest. Try to balance it in a way that you are not weighing yourself down with the use of weight. Maintain the level of weight because anything above the chest level or lower the chest level might result in the form of injury. Most people handle the kettlebell by the upper handle whereas others like to grasp it by the ball. It is up to you but try to firm your grip because you don’t want to drop it.

Squat Windmills

For this exercise, you need to hold the weight in your left hand and then stand straight. Make sure your feet are apart so that you can balance your body easily. You are required to rotate your feet and then bring the weight to the shoulder before you press it overhead. Your upper body needs to be straight and aligned with your posture. While trying to touch your feet you need to hinge your hips and then rotate your body. Some people like to hold the pose before they repeat it. However, others like to start right away. For the beginner, holding the posture is better because you might injure yourself if you yank the weight.

Push Press with Kettlebell

The push press is quite easy because you are just handling the weight in one hand and then lifting it overhead on the same side. This exercise is pretty easy but might even cause injury if you are not handling your weight in the right way. Grip the weight and then bend at knee slightly and sharp snap at the hips at the top position. Once the kettlebell is moving upwards you can then use the momentum to help with the rest of the overhead press. So, any bad posture or slip might cause injury. Just hold the weight tight and bend your knee rather than bending your back.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that there are so many different variations of the same exercises. It is up to you to choose the one that can help you reach your goal faster. Some of these kettlebell workouts are used by professionals.

However, it is better to consult a professional before using these exercises. The main reason is that your posture will count a lot and only a professional can ensure that your posture is perfect at all times while performing these exercises. These exercises involve weight lifting, so any bad posture can lead to injury without professional help.

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