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Kit Every Obstacle Course Racer Should Have

When it comes to the world of obstacle course racing, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s one simple thing you can do to help you on race day – have the right kit! Get this right, and it can really help with your performance and make your day an all round better experience.

We caught up with the Nuts Challenge, a multi award winning obstacle course race organiser, to find out what the essential must have pieces of kit are, and here are a few of their top picks. 

OCR Specific Shoes

Arguably one of the most important pieces of kit to consider given the diversity that OCR offers. Given they are almost guaranteed to get soaked, you’ll want something that is lightweight and drains easily. For the obstacles, you’ll want something with excellent underfoot grip. 

It’s also important to think about fit, comfort and protection. You’ll want something that fits securely and is still comfortable on the longer runs. Check out inov-8 and their selection for OCR to learn more about what will work best for you. 


If you’ve ever done an OCR, then you’ll know that the DryRobe is a familiar sight at any event, and for good reason. Warmth! This is the single most important reason that the dryrobe came into existence. But there are lots of other benefits too, check out why they’re the go to brand .

Dry Bag

It’s super important to have somewhere waterproof and durable to store your things while you’re out on the course. The last thing you’ll want after finishing the race is for your clothes to be as wet as the gear you’ve just finished the race in.

There are plenty of brands to choose from but we recommend you check out KitBrix and their wide collection of dry bags. 

Compression Gear

Compression gear is great for OCR events. It doesn’t hold as much water and is fast drying, so won’t weigh you down and will help you keep warm. The compression also reduces the build-up of lactic acid and helps to provide support to muscle groups through their full range of movement – increasing your power and endurance even more.

Again there are loads of brands to choose from but we recommend you check out Skins, the original pioneers in compression. 

OCR’s are so much fun and everyone is there to enjoy themselves. If you are a newbie, then check out what to expect at your first obstacle course race. If you’re looking for your next race then definitely check out the Nuts Challenge and their not to be missed races! 

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