Cycling Training

6 Main Injuries Likely Caused By Cycling And It’s Cures

Cycling, being one of the best stress relief sport is not expected to hurt you while you’re riding a bike. You might feel as if your leg muscles are being torn apart, which is quite common for every cyclists and it is in fact your muscles that are getting harder and tighter. You may not […]

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Marathon Running

How to Beat Hamstring Strains

Hamstring strains are common in runners, usually caused by overstriding or sprinting too hard when the muscles aren’t warmed up. This overload on the tissue of your hamstring can lead to tearing. When a strain occurs, it can feel like a sharp pain and can make running, walking or even sitting highly uncomfortable. If it’s […]

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Fitness Running

Common Injuries That Bug Runners

The one bit of data that is thrown around a lot about running, is that 80% active runners are injured each year. While this data is true, the corollary is that 50% of the injuries sustained by runners could have been avoided if a few simple steps had been followed, such as stretches before and […]

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