Marathon Nutrition

Does a Runner’s Diet Have to be Strict?

As an elite competitor, this is a question I receive often. Because professional and elite runners have toned, strong, and efficient bodies, the misconception is often that they limit their diet and never have indulgent meals. The truth is, the best elite runners practice “everything in moderation” while keeping clear intentions to fuel their bodies […]

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Nutrition Running

Optimize Your Running With a Plant-Based Diet for Runners

What Is a Plant-Based Diet? If you’re unfamiliar with this way of eating, your first question might be what exactly are the guidelines for being plant-based? Well, someone who eats a plant-based diet chooses to eliminate any animal products and instead rely only on plant foods. This encompasses the huge variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and beans, […]

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Cycling Nutrition

Does Cycling Help You Lose Weight?

Struggling with your weight loss goals? You are not alone. Weight loss is one of the most common motivators for exercise—especially around the start of a new year when you’re thinking about resolutions you want to make—so it’s natural to wonder: Does cycling help you lose weight? While we’re all about riding for the joy of […]

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Boost your immunity with food

What we eat, and don’t eat, can greatly affect our immune system, which is more important than ever right now. Those who eat more fruits and vegetables appear to have a lower risk of getting an upper respiratory track infections (Watzl et al. 1999). Even adding just one extra serving a day, like an apple, […]

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