Cycling Training

Change Gears Of The Bicycle Like A Pro

The Basics: Most top-selling bicycles in India would have 21 gears. These bicycles have 3 chainrings near the pedal and 7 cogs on the back. All possible combinations of the front and back gears give you 21 different options to ride your bicycle on. Don’t worry if your bicycle has more or less number of gears, the concept still […]

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Cycling Self Endurance

Driving force: Maintenance techniques for your bikes

Even with the best technique in the world, if your bike lets you down you are going to lose speed and there is a danger it will have a knock on effect on your riding ability. The power transfer between you and the bike is perhaps the most important one when looking to tackle steep […]

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Cycling Sports Travel

Cycling Accessories You Need For Cycling in India

As a cyclist, you will agree to the fact that cycling accessories are so necessary to have if you really want to cycle a lot. The cycle touring accessories that I am going to talk about in this blog post will make your India cycling tour or especially cycling in the Himalayas, where you need to be prepare because there […]

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