Fitness Self Endurance

Get Sufficient Sleep Before A Big Race

Every runner yearns for a perfect eight hours of sleep the night before a big race. However, with the pressure of competing and winning the race, it is often easier said than done. When tossing and turning becomes the norm before a big event, it’s time for athletes to take concrete steps to get sufficient […]

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Cycling Fitness

Tips To Ride In The Heat!

Summer temperatures can throw a curve-ball into your training. Intervals that once felt easy now seem out of reach. The hot temperatures are not only uncomfortable, but they begin to wreak havoc on your abilities and your recovery. Will the heat ever be easier to tolerate? How can you work to maximize performance even in […]

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Fitness Marathon

Even If You Look Fit, Your Poor Diet Can Affect You Performance

How does a poor diet affect performance if it doesn’t make one gain weight? A daily diet of pizza, cookies and processed foods high in sugar and trans fat and low in fiber, affects more than your waistline—your lung capacity and immune system may suffer even if your skinny jeans still fit. That’s because your […]

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Nutrition Running

How To Refuel Post-Race For Optimal Recovery

You have been entirely focused on a big race for so long, with proper meals and snacks painstakingly planned out. Now all your hard work and commitment has paid off, and you’ve bounded – or trudged, or sprinted, or limped – across the finish line. While you may be tempted to reach for a celebratory […]

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Nutrition Swimming

How to Deal With Cramps For Athletes?

A cure for cramp? Run up a steep mountain, swim across a cold lake, run down the other side of the mountain, swim across another lake: beautiful, challenging, adventurous. What could possibly go wrong? Well, cramp could put an end to your swimrun fun. Let’s take a look at what causes cramp and how you […]

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Fitness Swimming

Getting Dry Skin After Swimming?

Getting to the office with goggle eyes isn’t the only way your morning swim session follows you to work. Itchy legs, scaly fingers, and ashy skin can also be telltale signs of a swimmer—and no amount of lotion seems to cure dry skin after swimming, especially in the winter months. What gives? “On average, the normal skin […]

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Fitness Nutrition

The Science Of Caffeine & Sports Performance

National Hockey League (NHL) players are rumoured to love coffee, ultrarunners and triathletes have an affinity for Coke, and bodybuilders often swear by their pre-workout drink. But no matter the source, caffeine is often an essential part of an athlete’s routine thanks to its performance-boosting qualities. Caffeine’s ability to promote sports performance has long been […]

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Fitness Nutrition

Proper Hydration Is Key For Optimal Recovery

It’s All a Balancing Act Recovery from exercise has a lot to do with homeostasis. Homeostasis—in case high school biology has long since been wiped from your memory banks—is defined as “the tendency of the body to seek and maintain a condition of equilibrium or stability within its internal environment when dealing with external challenges.” […]

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Swimming Training

Feet Notes

When you know how to kick effectively, you don’t need to work the legs very hard. But before you can ease off on the kick, you need to be able to do it!  Here are ten front crawl kick tips… 1) Loose ankles and flipper like feet.. If your ankles are relaxed in front crawl, […]

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Fitness Running

Don’t Let Mental Fatigue Hold You Back

Tired, pooped, or can’t think clearly? We’ve all experienced fatigue! Perhaps you were in the middle of a huge training block, you had work deadlines piled up, or you welcomed a new addition to your family. Heck, even surviving a global pandemic is all consuming. As it turns out, fatigue comes in two forms: physical […]

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