Marathon Nutrition

Improve performance with proper hydration and electrolyte replenishment

Most runners realize that staying hydrated is paramount to success in longer events, but how much fluids is enough? Too much? Just a two- to three-percent loss in body weight from perspiration can result in a 10-percent drop-off in endurance performance. Marathoners may be familiar with the concept of cardiac drift, which happens when dehydration […]

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Nutrition Swimming

Swimming at 60: What Athletes Should Know About Hydration

Proper hydration can improve athletic performance and your health You lose fluids during workouts primarily in the form of sweat and respiratory water vapor losses, but you can’t tell you’re sweating because you’re in the water. Your first sign of dehydration might be a muscle cramp in the middle of a set. Improving your swimming […]

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15 Foods That Keep You Hydrated

You know the importance of staying hydrated—for optimal health and function as well as for sports performance and recovery. But chugging on a water bottle is not the only approach. The food you eat plays a considerable role in providing your body with its daily water requirements. In fact, many fruits and vegetables are up […]

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