Cycling Training

6 Main Injuries Likely Caused By Cycling And It’s Cures

Cycling, being one of the best stress relief sport is not expected to hurt you while you’re riding a bike. You might feel as if your leg muscles are being torn apart, which is quite common for every cyclists and it is in fact your muscles that are getting harder and tighter. You may not […]

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Marathon Running

How to Beat Hamstring Strains

Hamstring strains are common in runners, usually caused by overstriding or sprinting too hard when the muscles aren’t warmed up. This overload on the tissue of your hamstring can lead to tearing. When a strain occurs, it can feel like a sharp pain and can make running, walking or even sitting highly uncomfortable. If it’s […]

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Inspiration Swimming

The Research Behind the Mindset of Super Champions

The 5 Keys to Being a Super Champion The research published included a series of interviews and questionnaires with a group of 54 athletes. They included top achievers (“super champions”), champions and “almost champions.” There were several things that made the top performers stand out above the rest: 1. Fierce desire to overcome challenges. Whether […]

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Swimming Training

How to Develop a Training Plan for an Injured Swimmer

Guiding a swimmer through an injury successfully is part of every coach’s job The first step for working with an injured swimmer is to know where the swimmer is physically. A coach should never assume the role of athletic trainer or doctor. Swimmers who share that they have a physical or mental ailment that’s preventing […]

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Cycling Self Endurance

Common Mountain Biking Accidents and How to Escape Them

Mountain bike injuries can occur even to the most experienced riders. There are a few studies which show the type of injuries and their occurrence rate. A review of 898 injury cases in the in Canada’s British Colombia found that most of the serious injuries were fractures. 75% of the fractures were to the upper body. A […]

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Running Self Endurance

Which Pains Are Worth Noticing?

TROUBLE SPOTS While there are a number of different injuries that can happen to runners, a few problem areas stand out. Know how to self diagnose each one, and you can run healthier year round. You should see a doctor for any health concern, but knowing alarm levels for different body areas can allow you […]

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Running Self Endurance

Fix Your Foot Pain

With so much focus on pace, distance, gear, cross-training, and recovery, it’s easy to forget that healthy feet are the linchpin to running success. Sore feet make it close to impossible to have a good run. In just one foot, you have 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When […]

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Fitness Triathlon

The 8 Most Common Triathlon Injuries And Their Prevention

Triathlon comes with three disciplines, all which have their own set of prevalent injuries—giving you even more opportunities to be sidelined. No athlete is immune; while some injuries are more common in beginners, many occur with overuse to areas of the body that are constantly working in the sport (protect those knees!). There are many reasons […]

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Obstacle Race Running

Lower Leg And Foot Pain In Runners

Many runners experience pain in the lower leg, ankle, and/or foot at some point.  Sometimes it is due to trauma, such as an ankle sprain, but most times it comes out of nowhere.  When this happens, you do everything you can think of to resolve it – consult with Dr. Google, consult with YouTube, ask […]

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Obstacle Race Self Endurance

The Balance Of Mobility And Stability

Mobility. Stability. We hear and read about both when injured, but many times aren’t sure what needs to be done…or why…or when. As a general, all areas of the body needs a balance of both. With that said, certain joints or areas of the body require more stability, and others require more mobility; these areas […]

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