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Yoga Asanas During Menstruation – Why and How?

Slowing down isn’t bad or wrong. Not at all if you have your menstruation cycle on.  I slow down on my running – keeping my runs shorter and slower and sometimes don’t run if I feel drained out. But when it comes to Yoga – my approach changes! But the controversy stays. Is it good […]

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Fitness Inspiration

How to Build a Habit in 7 Days

When you think of people who are high-achievers, who are always able to eat healthy, excel at work or school, workout and do everything on time might have some superhuman powers. But while it’s easy to brush this away as something achievable, it is actually all down to habit. And habits can be begun to […]

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Swimming Training

5 Ways to Maintain Your Motivation to Swim

Use these science-tested strategies to get to the pool, even when you might not really be feeling it One of the main myths about motivation is that you get motivated and then you act, that a lightning bolt comes or a muse appears and you spring into action. Fortunately and unfortunately, that’s not how it […]

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Inspiration Swimming

Swimming Doesn’t Define You – These Eight Characteristics Do!

Who you are is not based on your swimming accomplishments. The qualities and capabilities you learn in training to be a swimmer help contribute to the person you are and who you will become. One of the inevitabilities of swimming competitively is coming to terms with winning and losing. It’s common for people to evaluate […]

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