Nutrition Triathlon

Which Foods to Avoid at Aid Stations

During a triathlon, aid stations can look like a lunchtime buffet with a smorgasbord of options for weary athletes: bananas, orange slices, chips, pretzels, cookies, fig bars, peanut butter and jelly, pickle juice, and even chicken soup. If you’re competing in an Ironman event, expect to see sponsor products too, like Gatorade Endurance, Red Bull, […]

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Nutrition Self Endurance

How Female Athletes’ Nutritional Needs Differ From Men’s

One of the most consequential biases in exercise science has been the historical use of male athletes for studies and the application of those research findings to the body of female athletes. Fortunately, during the past decade, researchers have sought to rectify that scientific research bias, and there is now a substantial amount of current research […]

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Marathon Nutrition

Does a Runner’s Diet Have to be Strict?

As an elite competitor, this is a question I receive often. Because professional and elite runners have toned, strong, and efficient bodies, the misconception is often that they limit their diet and never have indulgent meals. The truth is, the best elite runners practice “everything in moderation” while keeping clear intentions to fuel their bodies […]

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Nutrition Running

Quick and Easy Snacks for Runners

Running burns calories, which means you are hungrier throughout the day. Most runners find themselves getting hungry between meals. Snacks fill the gap between meals to keep you satiated and energized. Need some ideas for quick and easy snacks for runners? Keep reading!  Why snacks are important for runners The more you run, the more […]

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Fitness Nutrition

5 Nutrition Hacks to Amp Up Your Nutrition

Maybe you’re the runner who is not getting faster or your workouts designed to gain muscle are simply not working. If all that effort isn’t pushing you to achieve your fitness goals, it’s likely you need to switch up your strategy – in the kitchen. Hitting a training plateau can be tough, especially for a […]

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