Cycling Training

Improve Your Cycling Performance with Block Training

By combining consecutively hard works with recovery, you can improve your cycling performance on a variety of levels. Here are some different ways to experiment with block training and incorporate it into your workout planning. Competitive cyclists often seek new ways to improve their performance. While a variety of training techniques can boost your cycling […]

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Cycling Nutrition

Intermittent Fasting for Cyclists – Effects on Performance

Improve your body composition Intermittent fasting is known for its weight loss benefits. This can be really important in cycling. A 2020 trial found that elite cyclists following the 16/8 protocol, where they are only allowed to eat inside an 8-hour window, lost weight and improved their body composition. This resulted in an improved peak power-to-weight ratio. Similar results were […]

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Marathon Training

Five ways to conquer your first half marathon

The challenge of 13.1 miles (or 21.1km if you’re looking for an even more impressive number) is something that very few people will ever complete. The half-marathon distance is a significant step up from 10km, but it’s achievable even for those of us who need to fit training in with a busy lifestyle. Give yourself […]

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Should Athletes Avoid Salt?

Salt has a serious PR problem. Consumption of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) has been linked (in both scientific papers and in the general press) with a rise in cases of hypertension, or high blood pressure, in the population at large. Because hypertension is a huge risk factor in all manner of nasty cardiovascular diseases, salt has, […]

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