Cycling Training

6 Main Injuries Likely Caused By Cycling And It’s Cures

Cycling, being one of the best stress relief sport is not expected to hurt you while you’re riding a bike. You might feel as if your leg muscles are being torn apart, which is quite common for every cyclists and it is in fact your muscles that are getting harder and tighter. You may not […]

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Marathon Running

Why You Should Chill Out On Recovery Runs

Speed workouts and long runs are the exciting part of training for a race. However, not every run can be fast or long! Slow runs have their place in training also. One of the most common mistakes runners make is running too fast all the time. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, if you want to […]

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Running Training

Recovery Days For Runners – Can I Still Work Out?

There is a saying stress + rest = progress. Which is why recovery days for runners are as important as the training itself. That is, if the goal is to get faster or stronger, of course. Besides giving the body time to rest and adapt, it’s also opportunity to slow down and reflect. This would be a […]

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Nutrition Running

How To Refuel Post-Race For Optimal Recovery

You have been entirely focused on a big race for so long, with proper meals and snacks painstakingly planned out. Now all your hard work and commitment has paid off, and you’ve bounded – or trudged, or sprinted, or limped – across the finish line. While you may be tempted to reach for a celebratory […]

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