Marathon Running

Why You Should Chill Out On Recovery Runs

Speed workouts and long runs are the exciting part of training for a race. However, not every run can be fast or long! Slow runs have their place in training also. One of the most common mistakes runners make is running too fast all the time. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, if you want to […]

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Training Triathlon

Ways to Improve Your Transitions Easily

To take a wetsuit off in the shortest amount of time and then jump on a bike with your shoes already clipped in requires some practice. The same goes for T2, which is the transition from bike to run. That’s why it is paramount that you get used to the feeling of transitioning and practice […]

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Fitness Running

​How To Practice Hill Running When You Have No Hills

While you may not be able to replicate the exact vertical gain of these races, you can mimic the intensity to simulate it. Our bodies perceive exertion based on things like heart rate and breathing rate, so whether it’s a run that is straight uphill or a fast track workout, we can simulate that hard effort. Simulating these […]

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