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Get Sufficient Sleep Before A Big Race

Every runner yearns for a perfect eight hours of sleep the night before a big race. However, with the pressure of competing and winning the race, it is often easier said than done. When tossing and turning becomes the norm before a big event, it’s time for athletes to take concrete steps to get sufficient […]

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Marathon Training

How To Run 10k In An Hour (Or Faster)

When it comes to running, once you reach the 10km mark it’s a common goal to try and run 10k in an hour – or less! After spending a few weeks or months building up your distance running abilities, it’s nice to change tact and focus on your speed a little. After all, you’ll likely find that your 10k […]

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Training Triathlon

Training For An Ironman Triathlon – 7 Day Practice Test

Ironman triathlon is an ultra-endurance race. Training for it is notoriously difficult and can easily consume a lot of time. Also getting to the level of fitness that will see you through an Ironman finish line will take at least a year for a lot of people.  How do you assess that if you’re ready […]

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Running Training

4 Tips: How to Prepare Your Trail Running Strategy

Here’s an interesting strategy that can help you stay focused and plan well for a successful run. ‍ 1. Adapt Your Running Pace  When running on roads, it is relatively easy to work out the running pace you need to achieve the time you want. When trail running, managing your pace is totally different, because the speed […]

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