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Get Sufficient Sleep Before A Big Race

Every runner yearns for a perfect eight hours of sleep the night before a big race. However, with the pressure of competing and winning the race, it is often easier said than done. When tossing and turning becomes the norm before a big event, it’s time for athletes to take concrete steps to get sufficient […]

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How to Deal With Cramps For Athletes?

A cure for cramp? Run up a steep mountain, swim across a cold lake, run down the other side of the mountain, swim across another lake: beautiful, challenging, adventurous. What could possibly go wrong? Well, cramp could put an end to your swimrun fun. Let’s take a look at what causes cramp and how you […]

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5 Must Have Recovery Tools With Runners

The more you run, the more you realize that overuse injuries are imminent. Plantars fasciitis, runner’s knee, tight IT bands, tight hip flexors, weak glutes, shin splints, piriformis and TFL woes, Achilles woes, tendonitis and tendosis (if you don’t listen to your Physical Therapist), fractures, breaks, and pulled muscles OH MY. Running injuries are the […]

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Marathon Training Fatigue: When Your Runs Suddenly Feel Too Hard

Training fatigue is a super common component of building mileage whether it’s for a marathon, half marathon or triathlon. We’re requesting that each week the body do just a bit more, which requires breaking the body down to build it up. The process of training is designed to tear us down. In the recovery periods […]

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How Can I Fix My Achy Muscles Quickly?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 4 adults report some instance of acute lower-back pain lasting one day or more in the last three months.  While it’s tempting to pop a couple of pain relievers to get through the day, covering up the pain doesn’t really fix this common muscle ache. […]

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