Fitness Self Endurance

Does Pain Equate to Injury? Yes Or Maybe Not.

You’re running along one day and your left heel becomes sore. It’s not too bad, so you complete the run. When you run again, the pain returns, and it’s a little worse this time. It’s still tolerable, though, so you complete this run as well. But in your next run the heel pain is even […]

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Training Triathlon

Training For An Ironman Triathlon – 7 Day Practice Test

Ironman triathlon is an ultra-endurance race. Training for it is notoriously difficult and can easily consume a lot of time. Also getting to the level of fitness that will see you through an Ironman finish line will take at least a year for a lot of people.  How do you assess that if you’re ready […]

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Duathlon Training

Steps for a Faster Duathlon

Duathlon (run-bike-run) is another great endurance sport similar to triathlon but instead of the swim start you have to run for the first leg. Older beginners usually start with duathlon as their first multisport discipline.  Some may also argue that duathlons are harder on the body as it uses the same set of muscles in […]

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Running Training

Build a Better Runner in 5 Minutes a Day

Quick but effective exercises to reduce your risk of injury, so you can spend more time on the trails Spend five minutes after every run on injury-prevention exercises; your strong, healthy body will thank you! If all you do is run, you’re going to get hurt. It might be something normal, like shin splints. Or […]

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