Obstacle Race Self Endurance

The Science of Endurance Running + Strength Training

Does endurance running while concurrently strength training help or hinder athletic performance? If you’re a runner, you’ve no doubt heard it before: strength training will make you a better runner. But is that still the case when you move into endurance running? After all, you’re likely already contributing a lot of time to putting miles […]

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Obstacle Race Training


What is Warrior Dash? The Warrior Dash is an epic race in which you will have to tackle anywhere from 10-13 obstacles over a typical Warrior Dash course distance of 5-6K. You’ll be crawling through mud, hurling yourself over walls, swinging by your arms, grunting and growling as you use every muscle in your body […]

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Cycling Nutrition

Does Cycling Help You Lose Weight?

Struggling with your weight loss goals? You are not alone. Weight loss is one of the most common motivators for exercise—especially around the start of a new year when you’re thinking about resolutions you want to make—so it’s natural to wonder: Does cycling help you lose weight? While we’re all about riding for the joy of […]

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