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Get Sufficient Sleep Before A Big Race

Every runner yearns for a perfect eight hours of sleep the night before a big race. However, with the pressure of competing and winning the race, it is often easier said than done. When tossing and turning becomes the norm before a big event, it’s time for athletes to take concrete steps to get sufficient […]

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Cycling Training


Cycling is like any other aerobic sport in which you need to both, ramp up as you begin and ramp down your activity level before you stop. This is easy to overlook in the desire to hit the road ASAP, but your body will serve you better in the long run if you pay attention […]

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How Trail Runners Can Correct Injury-Causing Muscle Imbalances

Stretch and strengthen key running muscles the right way Runners are often weak in the hamstring and gluteal muscles, so it’s paramount to perform strengthening exercises. Overall flexibility is often cited as the key to improving performance and preventing injury, but in light of recent research, you might want to dump your old stretching regimen […]

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Running Training

4 Stretching Exercises with a Strap

It is also an excellent way of avoiding injuries, cramp and other muscular and articulatory traumas. It is usually practised after a sports session to improve recovery, relax and diminish the sensation of fatigue. Coach’s Tips We recommend these stretching exercises after a sports session, (in particular activities to build up the thighs, abdominals and buttocks), or […]

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How Can I Fix My Achy Muscles Quickly?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 4 adults report some instance of acute lower-back pain lasting one day or more in the last three months.  While it’s tempting to pop a couple of pain relievers to get through the day, covering up the pain doesn’t really fix this common muscle ache. […]

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