Self Endurance Swimming

SwimRun Injuries

SwimRun injuries are part and parcel of training and taking part in races. Like any sport, there is always a risk of something happening that may result in an injury of some sort. Let’s look at the most common risks, and how to minimise them. Some types of injury may be obvious, while others may be […]

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Swimming Training

How to Dominate Your Next 100m Butterfly

“You gotta go out fast, and come back faster!” is one of those lines swim coaches love to use to explain racing strategy. There are fewer swimmers who practiced this embodiment more consistently and more dramatically than the greatest swimmer of all time, North Baltimore’s Michael Phelps. Time and time again, especially in the shorter […]

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Inspiration Swimming

Swimming Doesn’t Define You – These Eight Characteristics Do!

Who you are is not based on your swimming accomplishments. The qualities and capabilities you learn in training to be a swimmer help contribute to the person you are and who you will become. One of the inevitabilities of swimming competitively is coming to terms with winning and losing. It’s common for people to evaluate […]

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