Swimming Training

Learn Proper Breathing Techniques While Swimming

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat…right? Believe it or not, when it comes to learning how to breathe when swimming, there is more to optimal air exchange than those few words. Out of the water, breathing is basic; so effortless and fundamental that we rarely think about it. But in the water; gravity, buoyancy, propulsion, water resistance, and […]

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Nutrition Swimming

How to Deal With Cramps For Athletes?

A cure for cramp? Run up a steep mountain, swim across a cold lake, run down the other side of the mountain, swim across another lake: beautiful, challenging, adventurous. What could possibly go wrong? Well, cramp could put an end to your swimrun fun. Let’s take a look at what causes cramp and how you […]

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Fitness Swimming

Getting Dry Skin After Swimming?

Getting to the office with goggle eyes isn’t the only way your morning swim session follows you to work. Itchy legs, scaly fingers, and ashy skin can also be telltale signs of a swimmer—and no amount of lotion seems to cure dry skin after swimming, especially in the winter months. What gives? “On average, the normal skin […]

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