Fitness Self Endurance

What Causes Muscle Cramps & How To Avoid It?

Muscle cramps are very common, affecting between 40 and 95 percent of athletes at some point (depending on which survey you read). As a result, they have been widely studied, yet no one really knows the full story about why they occur. Let’s firstly learn some theories regarding muscle cramps: Why do I get muscle […]

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Cycling Training

Change Gears Of The Bicycle Like A Pro

The Basics: Most top-selling bicycles in India would have 21 gears. These bicycles have 3 chainrings near the pedal and 7 cogs on the back. All possible combinations of the front and back gears give you 21 different options to ride your bicycle on. Don’t worry if your bicycle has more or less number of gears, the concept still […]

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Cycling Self Endurance

Tips To Choose Best Hybrid Bike For You.

Hybrid bikes are a good compromise between the city, countryside, sports and recreation. These comfy, sturdy bikes are just as good on earthy tracks as they are on the tarmac. You should choose your hybrid bike based on the length of your rides. How Long your Rides are? The time you plan to spend on your […]

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Fitness Running Self Endurance

Blisters, Bonking and Blackened Toenails

From engineered nutrition supplements to fancy GPS watches, advances in science and technology have changed the way we run on trails. But technology doesn’t solve everything. Despite high-tech shoes and socks, we still get blisters. No matter how many fancy electrolyte powders we consume, we still bonk and get cramps. Just as we’ve survived before […]

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Training Triathlon

Running Stride Length In Triathlon

One of the most important elements of run technique is stride length, yet it is often overshadowed by the debate about which part of the foot should meet the ground first. In fact, stride length and foot-ground contact point are linked, but one is far more important than the other. When runners talk about the […]

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Fitness Marathon Training

Marathon Training Fatigue: When Your Runs Suddenly Feel Too Hard

Training fatigue is a super common component of building mileage whether it’s for a marathon, half marathon or triathlon. We’re requesting that each week the body do just a bit more, which requires breaking the body down to build it up. The process of training is designed to tear us down. In the recovery periods […]

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