Marathon Running

Why You Should Rotate Your Running Shoes

Most likely, you know that you need a pair of shoes specifically designed for running if you want to run. But did you know that you should also have at least two different pairs of shoes at the same time and alternate which one you wear? This practice is called rotating your running shoes. While […]

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Running Training

Don’t Forget the Hip Flexors!

Why strong, efficient hip flexion is important for running, and how to improve yours. In the concept of running efficiency, the stride has two halves: Hip flexion – upward, forward lifting of the leg; and Hip extension – rearward, downward pushing off of the leg. Over the years, we have placed more value on hip […]

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Running Self Endurance

Trail Tread For Newbies: How To Keep The Rubber Side Down

A beginner’s guide to negotiating variable trail surfaces. Just as running uphill and downhill have significant impacts on our trail running experience, so does the surface—or tread—of the trail. When we say tread, we mean the parts of the trail that contact our shoes as we run. Above treeline in the European Alps, think hardpacked […]

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Marathon Sports Travel

Self-sufficiency in Trail Running – What to Carry On and Along

Trail running will almost always take you to places where you’ll have near-zero access to the basics – we’re talking about food, water and, the most important of them all, network connectivity! Moreover, even during trail races and events, there will always be situations where aid stations run out of food; or when you don’t […]

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Inspiration Running

Intro To Trail Racing

Trail running is a great activity all by itself—for your body, your mind and your soul. A lot of trail runners, though, like to take it to the next level by entering a race and getting competitive with themselves and others.  Are you one of those people? There are a lot of reasons to take […]

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