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Why Top Trail Runners Are Training on Roads

And why you should, too Max King, Sage Canaday and Mike Wardian are all top trail runners. So it was a little surprising to see them making headlines in early 2015 for feats on the road or treadmill. In March, King, 35, of Bend, Oregon, ran 2:17:32 at the very warm Los Angeles Marathon, qualifying […]

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How Trail Runners Can Correct Injury-Causing Muscle Imbalances

Stretch and strengthen key running muscles the right way Runners are often weak in the hamstring and gluteal muscles, so it’s paramount to perform strengthening exercises. Overall flexibility is often cited as the key to improving performance and preventing injury, but in light of recent research, you might want to dump your old stretching regimen […]

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Marathon Training

The Basics of Trail Workouts

We trail runners love the freedom, spontaneity, and beauty of the trail. Pushing our physical limits and developing mental fortitude are also part of most trail runners’ answers when people ask “Ummmm, running 50 kilometers, why?!” My high-school coach said that races were like Christmas or birthday presents. There is some nervous excitement, a lot […]

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Running Self Endurance

Trail Tread For Newbies: How To Keep The Rubber Side Down

A beginner’s guide to negotiating variable trail surfaces. Just as running uphill and downhill have significant impacts on our trail running experience, so does the surface—or tread—of the trail. When we say tread, we mean the parts of the trail that contact our shoes as we run. Above treeline in the European Alps, think hardpacked […]

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Eight Steps For Your Best Trail Running Off-Season

Make it into your favorite race? Congratulations! Now the fun yet hard part begins: preparation. And like a holiday potluck, our training choices are a nearly unlimited buffet of long runs, hill workouts, tempos, and training races. But like that potluck, too much consumption can lead to trouble in the form of injury, burnout, or […]

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