Marathon Training

The Basics of Trail Workouts

We trail runners love the freedom, spontaneity, and beauty of the trail. Pushing our physical limits and developing mental fortitude are also part of most trail runners’ answers when people ask “Ummmm, running 50 kilometers, why?!” My high-school coach said that races were like Christmas or birthday presents. There is some nervous excitement, a lot […]

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Fitness Running

Don’t Let Mental Fatigue Hold You Back

Tired, pooped, or can’t think clearly? We’ve all experienced fatigue! Perhaps you were in the middle of a huge training block, you had work deadlines piled up, or you welcomed a new addition to your family. Heck, even surviving a global pandemic is all consuming. As it turns out, fatigue comes in two forms: physical […]

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Fitness Running Training

Eight Steps For Your Best Trail Running Off-Season

Make it into your favorite race? Congratulations! Now the fun yet hard part begins: preparation. And like a holiday potluck, our training choices are a nearly unlimited buffet of long runs, hill workouts, tempos, and training races. But like that potluck, too much consumption can lead to trouble in the form of injury, burnout, or […]

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