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The 3 Crossover Turn Styles:

1.) The Backstroke Flipturn Modification

To perform this type of turn, you have swimmers come into the wall – hitting the wall with their top arm and crossing it over their body. The goal is to have a deep touch on the wall with their hips still angling up, so technically they’re still on their back. From there, swimmers get their final change for air before they roll AWAY from their open armpit to their stomach and push off.

2.) The Bottom Arm Spin Turn

The second style of Crossover Turn is one of two types of spin turns – the main difference being the hand that touches the wall. On this specific type of turn, swimmers come into the wall like they’re finishing a Backstroke race and hit the wall with their bottom arm. From there, they spin their feet back towards the wall, while bringing their knees into their chest. It’s literally a sideways flipturn to which then they push off.

This type of Crossover Turn you see the most parts of a swimmer’s body outside the water. Because it’s the bottom arm that hits the wall, which causes a swimmer’s head comes up above the surface – along with their arm and knees during the spin.

3.) The Top Arm Spin Turn

A while back, Chloe Sutton, was making some YouTube tutorials for Swimmer’s and I came across her Crossover Turn video. I noticed it was similar to my Backstroke Flipturn style of Crossover Turn, but what the body did appear to be different. Well, that’s because this turn is actually a blend of the first two, where swimmers hits the wall with their top arm (instead of their bottom), and then performs the same spinning motion as Bottom Arm Spin Turn to get off the wall.

For this type of turn, you see little to none of the body come up compared to the Bottom Arm version of it.

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