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Training For An Ironman Triathlon – 7 Day Practice Test

Ironman triathlon is an ultra-endurance race. Training for it is notoriously difficult and can easily consume a lot of time. Also getting to the level of fitness that will see you through an Ironman finish line will take at least a year for a lot of people. 

How do you assess that if you’re ready for taking up this project or not?? Firstly there are no qualification criteria to attempt the Ironman. That said, you will however need to have some basic fitness in order to start training for triathlons. 

What will you need?

  1. Bicycle (indoor or outdoor)
  2. Running shoes
  3. Pool or open water Access 
  4. Swim Gear 
  5. Stopwatch or fitness tracker

Day 1

Swim – 30 mins

Run – 3.5 kms under 30 mins

Day 2

Bike – 1 hour

Run – 20 mins

Day 3

Swim – 30 mins

Bike 1.5 hours

Day 4

Run 40 mins

1 hour of HIIT leg work

5-7 Sets of

20 Squats

20 Lunges

20 Sumo Squats

20 Lateral Squats

1 min Squat hold

1 min rest between exercises

3 min rest between sets

Day 5

Suryanamaskar x 12-20

Easy 30 min Bike

Day 6

HIIT Upper Body Session

Each Exercise 20 seconds on and 10 sec break and total 6 sets


Push ups


Mt Climbers

Superman Hold

Jumping Jacks


Rest Between 2 sets 1 min Max

Swim – 30 min

Day 7

Bike – 1 hour

Run-Off the Bike (Brick) – 30 mins

The bike sessions can be done indoors on stationary bikes as well. In case there is no pool access, it can be replaced with a small 15-20 min run/ jog. If you can do this and find that you can do much more then you are more than ready to start a properly structured plan that will take you through this whole journey of becoming an Ironman. At PowerPeaks we shall be using a very scientific approach towards training where the training will be customized to one’s own Heart Rate (HR) zones (post a max HR test). This helps in training at your own pace and get better with time. 

Power Peaks has a holistic approach to training where all aspects of Triathlon training are covered including Nutrition, BikeFits and FTP tests for better cycling technique, Swim Analysis, Gait Analysis for Better running technique, Race planning, and strategy, Mock Ironman Races, Triathlon Training Camps, Open Water Swims, Technical Workshops, Sourcing of the right Triathlon Equipment, Strength and conditioning, etc. 

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