Marathon Self Endurance

Walk Run Method for Beginners

We have often tried to find out several methods to kickstart our marathon journey. While there are a lot of steps to prepare yourself for this sport, we would be talking about the easiest and the most used one. Have you ever been stopped by the thought of getting injured or the fear that you cannot complete your daily running targets? Here is what you should now about this recommended method that would help kickstart your running journey.

The proven safest method for new learners

Run-Walk is a majorly used technique by marathon learners. This is exactly how it sounds and comprises of two movements – the run and the walk at alternate paces. This method of combining both the actions help curb the risk of injuries which can be caused by rapid movement in beginners.

Apps to make this exercise easier

This simple method becomes just a child’s play if we incorporate apps and devices to set our pace in the beginning. One of the apps that can be used to track the intervals is Google Fit. Here you can set the pace of your running and walking and track the calories expended.

Maximum recovery time

Running is an energy-consuming exercise. As a beginner, the run-walk method becomes the best as it provides a good recovery time. Recovery time is the basic time that one needs to catch their breath and consume their regular workout. You would not feel tired and exhausted if you follow this method. This would help you cover long distance thus giving you maximum workout time.

30-second walking break method

Most runners who have been practicing for week don’t need more than 30 seconds for the recovery phase. However if you are just beginning, you can takes 60 seconds for walking after 2 minutes of a run. The 2:1 Run Walk Ratio is best for intermediates.

The most convincing part of this method is that it can reduce stress. The dynamic method of incorporating run and walk can also strengthen your glutes and help you to get a holistic exercise. Once you take the leap, you would unleash a lot of physical and mental benefits of running.

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