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What Is Kundalini Yoga ?

Kundalini Yoga is one of the 8 most ancient traditions of yoga. Kundalini yoga is also called many times as Hatha Kundalini or Kundalini Tantra. Kundalini Yoga refers to those practices that are focusing upon awakening of Chakras and Kundalini. This involves the rigorous Pranayama practices, along with various secret and advance Mudras. These Mudras are not only Mudras of fingers but also involve Mudras using your eyes, tongue and other body parts. Some of the most famous Mudras here are Khechari Mudra and Shambhavi Mudra.

Further in Kundalini Yoga various Bandhas are explored. One of the key practices of Kundalini Yoga is chanting of ancient Mantras. There are various seed Mantras (Beej Mantras) for all Chakras. These seed Mantras stimulate the hidden Prana energy that in turn stimulates the Chakras. Various other Sanskrit Mantars are chanted along the path. Mantra chanting is one of the very powerful practice in yoga. In India many practitioners get amazing capacities and spiritual growth only by chanting Mantas.

Asana practices are also there in Kundalini Yoga but they are on a lesser degree. Furthermore these Asana practices are also not so challenging as in Hatha yoga or modern Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Reason is simple. Kundalini yoga is not for fitness and health oriented. It aims to bring serious and long term spiritual growth that can be easily noticed. The practitioners notice the rising of energy level (prana energy) in them and around themselves.

Further Kundalini Yoga involves meditation along with all the above techniques. While meditating with these pranayama, Mudra, Bandha and Mantras, the deeper levels of consciousness starts getting awakened. This is called as spiritual experiences and awakening. Long term meditation becomes possible and keeps on taking the practitioners on higher planes.

At long last the concentrated prana energy starts stimulating the ‘Kundalini’. Then this Kundalini rises from Muladhar Chakra to Sahasraar. But all this is not for discussion, not for a new practitioner; as a practitioner we just need to focus on the continuity of the practice. Here process is more important than destination.

In Kundalini Yoga we call all these techniques ‘Kriya’. Anyway if you want to pursue yoga more than just Asana practice, if you are practicing yoga not just for fitness and good looking body, then Kundalini Yoga is definitely for you.

Note: Please don’t expect any quick results as they are just illusions and caused by ego. It is a slow and time taking process. All this process would take years or even few lives. Anybody promising to awaken your Kundalini energy in no time is definitely making you fool. All this can’t be done by taking any drugs or any toxic substance. Only devotion and practice are going to bring success.

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